Photo editing and Design

Visual Journalism Editing 

Tom Burton is the former Director of Photography/Video at the Orlando Sentinel. He directed award-winning coverage of the end of the space shuttle program and was the coordinator for courtroom pool photography from the trials of Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman. He also edited coverage at multiple sporting events included Super Bowls, BCS Football Championships, NCAA Final Four, NBA Finals and numerous NASCAR races. He was also Associate Editor at The Villages Daily Sun, a small newspaper covering a large retirement community in Central Florida.

He was also one of the first newspaper photographers in the U.S. to add video to daily assignments. He has worked camera and acted as editor and producer for a multimedia team.

Video Editing and Producing

The murder trial of George Zimmerman

Pedestrian deaths in Central Florida

When a business closes

Secrets of a space shuttle photographer

Social Media Management

Social media has also been a part of Burton's editing. He created one of the first Twitter accounts for the Orlando Sentinel and used the photography department accounts to experiment with new media approaches with a focus on journalism and reader engagement.